WKPP - Woodville Karst Plain Project

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To explore, survey, connect, document and protect the flooded underwater cave systems of North Florida’s Woodville Karst Plain. To this end, the WKPP promotes public awareness, education and scientific discovery through exploration and research support within these flooded cave systems. Through partnerships with state, federal and private landowners, the WKPP is uniquely positioned to facilitate scientific research and the gathering of valuable data. In turn, researchers, resource managers, policy makers and landowners can formulate necessary and responsible land use decisions to protect these unique and treasured resources for future generations.

The WKPP is a 501c3 scientific research and exploration organization. The WKPP regularly conducts some of the most extensive and logistically complex technical cave dives in the world. The WKPP team has been exploring caves at record distances for more than 25 years, holding most of the major cave diving records, including the longest penetration into a flooded cave system (26,000 feet, requiring a bottom time of 12 hours at a depth of 300). WKPP contributions to technical diving are well documented including decompression, gas planning and team diving protocols. WKPP lead explorers and experts routinely advise researchers, government agencies and the military on a number of topics related to exploring and operating safely and efficiently in some of the most extreme underwater environments on the planet.