Underground Cave Diving - JP Bresser

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Underground is a series of videos chronicling a global journey, visiting a diversity of breathtaking underwater cave systems in Mexico, Spain, Florida, France, Croatia and More. No particular storyline, just showcasing some of the most beautiful underground locations in the world.

"Killing your darlings" is a concept used in video editing. When producing and building your storyline you have this particular shot, you just love it, it's your favorite, your darling, but it has no context at all. Now there are two options: you use the shot in your edit and while it will give you goosebumps every time you watch it, the general audience has no idea what that shot is doing there... The other option: You kill the shot and with pain in your heart you remove it from your edit.... the UNDERGROUND series is build from my darlings.... I did not kill them.... I saved them for the best... Some of the shots might not move you but keep in mind, they are my darlings, special memories and I cherish them.... Turn up the volume...

Created by GUE Instructor JP Bresser.