Testing New Waters: Revolutionary Recreational Dive Training

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Testing New Waters: Revolutionary Recreational Dive Training

Another awesome documentary by scuba diver and director Elena Konstantinou, this video examines GUE's Recreational Diver Level 1 course, a perfect mix of GUE's top-quality training and the accessibility required of a course for new divers. The course is designed to develop a solid foundation for safe diving practices, regardless of the individual diver's aspirations. Divers who stick with the recreational curriculum will get exceptional training, and those who pursue advanced training are already on the road to success because of the groundwork of skills and procedures they've already laid. Student divers will learn the essential skills of sound diving in order to build comfort, competence, and most importantly, confidence in the water.


Learn More: http://www.gue.com/index.php?q=training

Documentary. Director: Elena Konstantinou Producer: Philip Yakymov and Laila Thaw, Project Manager: Julia Golosiy. Underwater videography: Valentina Cucchiara, Nick Pool. Top side cameramen: Alexander Shabataev, David Hands, Andreas Wallach Editors: Tim Sternberg, Hugo Perez Overseas Media Group LLC HWLL 2009-2010