Gear Care: Tanks, Valves, Manifolds

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In this series of gear care and repair videos, GUE Instructor Doug Mudry (Extreme Exposure Dive Center) dives into what it takes to maintain one of the most important pieces of gear in your kit—your tanks!

Topics include rebuilding a single tank valve, rebuilding a doubles manifold, and disassembling and reassembling doubles. These are not the easiest of tasks, so if you aren’t comfortable working with this equipment please contact your local dive center.

- How to Disassemble Doubles
- How to Reassemble Doubles
- Valve Rebuild: Single Tank
- Valve Rebuild: Doubles Manifold

These videos were sponsored by Extreme Exposure, one of the top Halcyon Dive Systems dealers, so some of these videos are specifically about Halcyon gear, while others are relevant to dive gear of any brand.