GUE Rebreather Diver: RB80 Refresher

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The GUE RB80 Refresher Series was created to help GUE divers who have already taken and passed the RB80 training course as a reminder and guide for using their unit. Whether you are new to the unit or a seasoned user who has been out of the water for a while, we hope GUE Instructor David Rhea will help keep you up-to-date with the checks and setup procedures to effectively operate your RB80 unit.

All rebreathers have an inherent risk greater than that found in open circuit scuba. Dive instruction should instill respect for the potentially fatal problems associated with rebreather diving, and active rebreather divers must take care not to become complacent. Two of the most obvious risks in rebreather diving involve oxygen supply problems and CO2 accumulation problems. However, a wide range of factors affect a diver’s safety while using a rebreather. Divers should evaluate whether the benefit of rebreather diving outweighs the risk inherent in their use. Only GUE RB80 certified divers should attempt dives on this unit and use this refresher course to supplement their formal education.

The topics covered in this series are:
- Introduction
- Why RB80?
- Unit Disassembly
- Unit Assembly
- Frame Assembly
- Regulator Assembly
- Final Kit Assembly
- Packing Scrubber