Exploring Norway: Litjåga Cave

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Swim the remarkably beautiful and cold water cave Litjåga near Plura, Norway compliments of Mikkel Stokke and his team.

Next time you’re in Plura, Norway, consider spending a day diving in the beautiful cave Litjåga located about 45 minutes away. It’s an intimate cave with a few pinches in the beginning. Average depth on your swim to the air chamber is 44f/13.5 m, which is a 1470 f/450 m penetration. There are a few jumps, and it becomes quite tight, so sidemount is recommended. If there has been a lot of rain in the area, the flow will increase and make the cave almost undiveable. Our first time in the cave we focused on the dive itself, then we spent the second dive filming, and all the clips are from that second dive. 

Video: Mikkel Stokke

Music: Jonas Kroon - Highland