Human Factors Skills in Diving Micro Class

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Most accidents and adverse events in diving are not down to undetected technical failures, but rather a breakdown in communication, poor decision-making or a lack of situational awareness, or more likely a chain of events that are based around these human factors.

What is the micro class?

A globally unique online class that focuses on why we make the mistakes we do and what we can do to reduce the likelihood of an accident or adverse event happening. It does not focus on the technical aspects of diving, but rather decision making, situational awareness, communication and cooperation skills, and crucially, their interdependence. Case studies are discussed, highlighting the contributory factors to incidents which are rarely technical in nature.

Gareth Lock is a retired Royal Air Force senior officer Navigator of 25 years, who was both a senior supervisor and a tactical flight instructor on an operational C-130 flying squadron. He has a MSc in Aerospace Systems from Kingston University and spent his last 5 years in the RAF as a Requirements Manager for Defensive Aids Systems working across all levels of industry, reseach a...