GUE Rebreather Diver: JJ-CCR Overview

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GUE’s Rebreather Diver Series is designed to educate individuals in basic rebreather technologies and to cultivate diver proficiency in the use of GUE-approved rebreather configurations. In the JJ-CCR Overview, you will learn about GUE's CCR checklist procedures, get an overview of the JJ-CCR equipment configuration, and learn how to properly pack a scrubber. The course is taught by GUE Instructor and world class explorer Richard Lundgren, who has been a professional diver for over 20 years. This course is ideal for Tech 2-certified divers hoping to take a GUE CCR class, CCR divers looking for a recap of their GUE CCR class, or anyone interested in learning more about the JJ-CCR before or after purchasing one.