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Want to learn about scuba diving at all levels? Want to study practical skills via surface demos, informative lectures, and in-water demos?

 DiveGUE.tv gives you instant access to knowledge and practical skills to make you a better, safer, more effective diver, no matter what your goals are. From the very basics of scuba diving all the way to cave, deep technical, and exploration diving, there's a series created just for you by top dive instructors from all around the world.

From short films to full-length documentaries, DiveGUE.tv is your go-to location for awesome video content of underwater education, conservation, and exploration. We have all of your favorite films in digital format, from cave based projects like WKPP: Push for the Connection and MCEP: Dark Water, to technical wreck exploration like Return To The USS Atlanta: Defender Of Guadalcanal and much, much more!

Support aquatic conservation: Your fees help support a global non-profit effort to explore and conserve our aquatic environment and train better, safer divers to more effectively advance that mission.

Learn about Global Underwater Explorers, Project Baseline, and what membership means to you at GUE.com.