Cave Exploration, Survey and Mapping

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GUE’s Underwater Cave Survey Course is designed to introduce experienced cave divers to the important skill of surveying underwater caves. Among the course’s intended outcomes are: introducing divers to the basic principles of underwater cave survey, the implementation of a defined team approach to underwater survey data collection, preparing an experienced cave diver to assist productively in a coordinated cave project, and introducing divers to cartography methods.

GUE’s Documentation Diver course is designed to introduce divers to sound documentation techniques orbiting project-based diving. Other course outcomes include: basic training in photography/videography, the use of related equipment, specific team-skills needed during documentation diving, specific communication requirements, the establishing of clear objectives and work-plans, the management of team tasks, how to create a report, how to map, survey, and prepare material for media publication.


Camera & Editing: JP Bresser

Narration: Sam Meacham

Divers: Chris Le Mailliot, Fred Devos, A-M Bresser

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