Fundamentals Skills Dry Runs: S-Drill

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S-Drill.  The S-Drill or ‘Safety Drill’ is one of the most important skills in diving.  Mastery of this skill is essential in all diving environments, from the coral reefs of the tropics to the deepest caves in Florida.  It is used to quickly and effectively donate a working gas source to an out of gas diver.  The execution of this skill needs to be efficient and well practiced, so that when required gas can be donated with ease.


A dry run of this skill is important to ensure that the mechanics of the drill are correct before attempting it underwater.  The most challenging aspect of the S-Drill is the management of the light cord.  As you can see in the video the light cord needs to be carefully managed to facilitate full deployment of the long hose.  Practicing this where it can be discussed in detail is crucial to success once in the water.


Music by Chris Zabriskie