Fundamentals Skills Dry Runs: Basic 5

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Basic 5.  The ‘Basic 5’ is skill that breaks other, more complex, skills down to the most basic movements.  It allows divers new to the GUE system to begin building the required motor skills and muscle memory, without overloading them before they have the capacity to move onto more complex drills.  It is a ‘stepping stone’ skill that, once mastered, prepares the diver for more advanced drills like the S-Drill and Valve Drill.


Why do we use the Basic 5 before moving on to the Valve Drill or S-Drill?  The main focus when completing any task underwater must be a divers stability, i.e. buoyancy and trim.  Remaining stable in the water takes up much of a divers capacity.  The Basic 5 allows a small amount of task loading to be introduced to develop this capacity and the muscle memory needed to complete more complex skills, without overloading the diver.  The dry run of this skill ensures that the mechanics of the drill are understood while detailed feedback can still be provided, before attempting it underwater.


Music by Chris Zabriskie

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