2010 GUE Conference

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What could be better than beautiful days of sun on a stunning sandy beach with access to world-class diving with a diversity of great people from around the world? Well, we thought we would up the ante by putting together another exciting agenda for the 2010 GUE Conference. While in Mexico it is hard not talk about the remarkable caves and we have spiced up the discussion with discussions on the unique critters, geologic composition, exploration updates, Mayan history and archeology discoveries. Of course we like to mix our pleasures so we put together a very talented international team of wreck divers who will share research techniques while outlining the best means to document your findings; of course they will also share their experience on some of the world’s best wrecks. We’ll hear from an experienced tri-athlete, as well as a nurse about narcosis and a doctor about decompression! And, among other things, we will explore whether side mount is for you.