GUE supports a global initiative called “Project Baseline”, serving as the nexus for all diving activity by leveraging highly skilled divers and passion-inspired projects to carefully record changes within some of the world’s most vulnerable aquatic environments.  

By participating in Project Baseline, GUE divers validate their training and expertise, foster growth of local diving communities, and help to preserve the underwater environments that we love so deeply. Project Baseline is a powerful way for divers within a wide range of experience levels to engage in the underwater world. Recording observations while diving allows one to develop more confidence in their diving skills, become more aware of diving environments, and learn to truly appreciate the magical qualities of the world beneath the surface. Groups that support Project Baseline tend to develop vibrant, connected communities of divers which enhance social engagement and reinforce the fun of diving.

Perhaps most importantly, these tremendous benefits occur while individuals engage in a meaningful effort to conserve and sustain our aquatic environment. GUE’s hope is that these efforts will culminate in a collective voice for the places that we cherish but are too often overlooked simply because they lie beneath the waves.